The thlewiaza-seal rivers

Challenge of the Ice

This book is about six canoeists who planned a 450-mile canoe trip down the Thlewiaza River in northern Manitoba, Canada to the Hudson Bay and then north to Eskimo Point. However, they couldn’t continue the planned trip after six days because Nueltin Lake was still covered with 80 miles of ice! Consequently, the canoeist worked their way 75 miles overland to the Seal River and canoed to the Hudson Bay then south to Churchill. The canoe trip on Hudson Bay became an ordeal when a polar bear prevented them from camping on the shore. Consequently, they spent a night on Hudson Bay in a storm. If you like exciting stories, this book is for you.
Challenge of the Ice

You're going to gobble it up

I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this. Turns out, I gobbled it up in less than 24 hours.
The log and photos of this trip absolutely brought out my nerdy side and the adventurous side.